Nordic Open Masters 2011 in Copenhagen

Final program

Final start list

An updated version of the start list will be available 15 minutes before start of each event section:

  • LiveTiming (on-line)
  • On wall posters situated 3 places around the venue.

Last Call Room

To secure a smoothly organised competition all swimmers must register in the Last Call Room before swimming.

  • It is the responsibility of all swimmers to report to the clerk of the course (call room area) at least 3 heats prior to their designated races.
  • If a swimmer is not registered in the Last Call Room the swimmer will not be allowed to start.

Relay events

  • Relay cards indicating the names of preregistered swimmers must be handed in at the secretariat no later than the commencement of the section in which the relay takes place.
  • Changes to team age groups or times will not be accepted after the latest day stated for entries.
  • Please remember to fill in Relay cards

Swim off pool

It will be possible to swim off in the second pool from the start area. Please, to not interrupt the competition make as little noise as possible during race start while swimming off.

Start regulations

  • All starts will be "over the top.", i.e. swimmers from the previous race will stay in the water until the next race has started.
  • The one-start rule will apply for all swimming events.


Results will be available:

  • LiveTiming (on-line)
  • On wall posters situated 1 place in the venue.
  • As live results shown on screens in the cafeteria area.

Medal ceremony

Victory ceremonies will take place during the competition

  • Medals will be awarded for places 1-3 for individual events, and for 1. places for relays.
  • A medal itinerary is available in the designated medal ceremony area.
  • The speaker will announce medal recipients, who can collect medals in the designated medal ceremony area.
  • Medals must be collected during the championships. Medals will not be sent by mail afterwards.

Resting area

In the gym immediately next to the swim venue a resting area has been prepared where swimmers can relax in quiet settings.


TYR will have a stand selling the official Nordic Open Masters 2011 t-shirts and other TYR-products.

Food and Beverage

There is a cafeteria in the entrance hall selling food and beverages during the competition.


It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol on the venue outside of the cafeteria area. Violation of this rule can lead to expulsion from the venue.


USG invites to a spectacular party Saturday night.

  • For buying of tickets please contact the USG team and ask for a responsible person.
  • For more information about the party visit, or look for a party poster.


  • Smoking is not allowed in any of the pool complexes, which includes surrounding areas.


  • All participants must wash thoroughly before entering any of the pools in the facility – if not Pool Staff can refuse entering.


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