Nordic Open Masters 2011 in Copenhagen


Section I: Friday

Access to the pool area: 16:00
Officials meeting: 16:00
Opening ceremony: 17:00
Competition start: 17:15
Expected end of competition: 20:00
Victory ceremony: 20:15
Pool area cleared: 20:30

Section II: Saturday, morning

Access to the pool area: 07:30
Officials meeting: 08:00
Competition start: 09:00
Expected end of competition: 11:45
Victory ceremony: 12:00

Section III: Saturday, afternoon

Access to the pool area: 12:00
Officials meeting: 13:30
Competition start: 14:30
Expected end of competition: 17:30
Victory ceremony: 18:00
Pool area cleared: 18:15


USG Svømnin og Vandpolo Dansk Svømmeunion