Nordic Open Masters 2011 in Copenhagen


Deadline for registration is September 7 2011.
(The registration period have been extended to September 11 2011)

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If you have problems/questions regarding registration, please do not hesitate to contact:

Group Registration

If you are responsible for registering all athletes from your club, you have a number of options:

  1. Register using the on-line system (entering details for each athlete using the web-interface)
  2. Upload a registration file (AN-file eg. from WinGrodan), see FAQ for details.

If you choose alternative 2 you will need to download the following:

If your registration program only support LENEX-files please contact registration to find a solution.


The following requirements (in Danish) apply to all Danish clubs attending:

Under 10 starter: 1 tidtager i mindst ét stævneafsnit
10-19 starter: 1 tidtager i alle stævneafsnit
20-49 starter: 1 dommeruddannet official i alle stævneafsnit
50 og derover: 1 dommeruddannet official + 1 tidtager i alle stævneafsnit

Navne på officials fremsendes til . Husk at angive modul på tilmeldingen.


USG Svømnin og Vandpolo Dansk Svømmeunion